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Texas Psych Rock: The Artists

Of the People, By the People, For the People

The Ranch is devoted to covering the breadth and depth of Texas Psych Rock and the purpose of this page is two-fold. One is the archiving of past material on the artists. The second is the presentation of new and original material about the artists involved.

Like The Music Hall, here we will feature the contributions of both artists and fans, who will share their recollections, perceptions, research and love of the music we call Texas Psych Rock.

Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson and the Secret of the Universe: Issues 2-4 of this incredible fanzine produced in the mid-1990s. All files are PDF files and average 2.0 MB in size.

Secret of the Universe, Issue 2
Secret of the Universe, Issue 3
Secret of the Universe, Issue 4
United Gas/Christopher

A vivid personal recollection of United Gas by founding member Doug Walden, written especially for the Ranch.

Like all good webpages, this one is still under construction and more material will be added shortly. Thank you for your patience.






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