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Texas Psych Rock: Eyecandy

A growing compendium of psychedelic photo delights

In this wing of the Ranch, you'll find photographs and scans relating to Texas Psych Music (among other things), categorized and labelled whenever possible.

For your convenience, whenever possible PDF files have been created for downloading and viewing of large groups of images.

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ANNOUNCING: The First Ranch Photo Contest!

The Texas Psychedelic Ranch is, paraphrasing Roky Erickson, "Where the Pyramid Meets Your Eye." In a celebration of this idea and the opening of the Ranch, we are seeking Pyramid-Eye images. Check out this simple (& crude) animation of a carnival ride, made from photos taken on June 24, 2006 at Galesburg, Illinois' "Railroad Days Festival." (Don't stare too long at it, though, as damage may occur).

Have you seen an Eye in a Pyramid lately? Send your photos to the Ranch's webmonkey, along with info about what the photo is of (besides being an Eye in a Pyramid, of course), as well as where and when the photo was taken. The 'monkey will post them as they are received. Hint: Check out your local Masonic Temple for starters....


13th Floor Elevators: Various

13th Floor Elevators: Album Cover Scans (8-Tracks and LPs)

13th Floor Elevators: Record Label Scans (45s and LPs)

13th Floor Elevators: Posters (Assorted)

Roky Erickson: Various

Roky Erickson: With the Aliens (Assorted)

Roky Erickson: Posters/Fliers (Assorted)

Roky Erickson: Intonation Music Festival (Chicago, June 24, 2006)

Images are currently in the process of archiving and ordering and are being added as completed. If you have information about the images, as to date of photograph, persons in image, place or venue, please share. We are trying to identify all images as accurately as possible. More will be forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.

If you are the creator of or owner of copyright on any of these images and do not wish to have them freely shared with Texas Music Fans, please contact the webmonkey with your concerns.


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